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Smart Agriculture

What is Smart Agriculture?

Smart farming is a management concept focused on providing the agricultural industry with the infrastructure to leverage advanced technology – including big data, the cloud and the internet of things (IoT) – for tracking, monitoring, automating and analyzing operations. Also known as precision agriculture, smart farming is software-managed and sensor-monitored. Smart farming is growing in importance due to the combination of the expanding global population, the increasing demand for higher crop yield, the need to use natural resources efficiently, the rising use and sophistication of information and communication technology and the increasing need for climate-smart agriculture.


 Kampos is developed by NOVATEX SOLUTIONS LTDNovatex was founded in 1999. The purpose of the company was and is to create and offer services in Cyprus and worldwide. In Cyprus, netcy.com creates websites to enter the market for corporate web hosting and web design. From its inception until today, netcy.com has made steady and great strides in its development. Within these 10 years, Novatex Solutions has expanded by creating other websites related to internet services, promoting services and global market and heavily involved in Projects such as : Education +Higher Education, Entrepreneurship, Work based learning, Robotics + Competitions, STEM Education, Emerging Skills and Technologies.